Thursday, September 29, 2011

Argh! Helluva week and its only Thursday. I mean Turdsday. So last week on Tuesday I dropped my truck at the shop and got the diagnosis of bad brake booster and master cylinder. Master Cylinder was literally brand new, have the receipt. Apparently the dude that I got the truck from installed it and pedal pump bled the brake lines. Its not the right way to bleed brakes, and results in air in the lines that shred the gaskets of the master cylinder. So it was leaking internally. I called the shop Wednesday am and said lets fix it. Order the parts, I'll bring it Thursday. So I dropped it Thursday of last week, thinking a-ok, I'd have a truck Friday. The shop is so awesome, the found reman or salvage parts for it (cause I wasn't trying to drop $700 without it even getting passed the safety inspection) and ordered em. Brake booster took forever to arrive. It showed up late Friday. They went to start the job and the master cylinder was totally wrong. Brake lines on the wrong side of it, etc. So they looked through all their books and finally found one that would work. Ordered it, arrived Monday. They went to finish the job Monday and the brake booster was off...the bolts on the housing that mount it to the firewall were 2" too short. So they had to order the new one as well. Picked up my truck Wednesday afternoon, and the shop still only charged me the quoted $500 instead of the $700, saying that its bad business to raise the price of a repair when their parts are the ones not right. That warrants a thank you card and probably brownies. in dog life news, there has been a lot of snuggling going on as of late. more than usual even. saturday i was so beat from the week that i came home and napped. i never get to nap. dottie snugged up between my legs and chewed on her fav bone, and egon bodyslammed my face and started snoring Mr. Snuggs! later that weekend he took advantage of more naptime This dude has been all snuggs all weekend and sacked out with andrew. the weekend was pretty grey and i was feeling really unmotivated didn't want to sew, didn't feel like cleaning, i just kinda farted around and honestly didn't do anything. ran errands, sort of. truck was still in the shop so i couldn't do the stuff i really needed to. Who, me? hung out with the dogs and mostly entertained them, or they entertained me Guardians of the neighborhood drank way too much coffee and watched the grass grow in the front yard post bath snuggs gave the bostons a bath, egon was having a skin allergy and i thought it may help soothe his issues actually the bath was ALSO because of the mud monster he became after a walk and swim. dottie was fun to hang out with as always, but had some harsh words for the neighborhood kids playing basketball in the street there was much snuggling, at all times of day Snug as a bug and then egons skin allergy got real gross and worse than just scratching! lil buddy keeps having some sort of reaction he broke out in a rash all over his belly. the next day the rash was blood red, and had become tiny pimples Gross, Egon! oh gad and then the next day the little pimples weren't little anymore, they were large pustules that made me almost gag. and then today they are bigger, i'll take a horrible picture when i get home, i just couldn't do it this morning. gross. back to the vet with him tomorrow. he's on all kinds of meds, antihistimine and steroid and antibiotic. dottie is finishing up a round of antibiotics, so hopefully she's been nice and immune to the grosso skin stuff. hopefully we'll get it all squared away after the vet tomorrow and mr. egon will go back to feeling sassy and great.

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