Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Woah. I found some legs in the trash this week at work!

It was pretty unexpected...threw open the trashcan lid to find an oddly-positioned pair of legs. Hm. Art school move-out time always brings out the bizarre trash.
Saturday after I left work I had a few minutes to kill before I met a lady about an internship as a soap maker. I stopped by lamplighter for a fast cup of iced coffee. While I was there, Andrew called me in a little bit of a panic.

Dottie had been stung by a bee in the yard and was having a very severe allergic reaction. She swelled up, vomited, peed, and then laid down, starting to make weird movements with her body and legs. He gave her half a benadryl (roughly 12 mg for a 14 lb dog) and kept a watchful eye on her while I interviewed.

Poor little bean, she was still showing some effects of the sting for the rest of the day. She couldn't keep food down, or water, and kept frantically eating grass when I let her out into the yard...then she'd just ralph it all up.

We sat out into the evening by the campfire. We were planning on having a little cookout for her birthday but after she got stung and blew up, I didn't bother texting around much to let folks know. Just on the chance that we would have to split to the emergency vet, it would have been good to not have a bunch of folks over.

She hung in there for the rest of the night, but at 230am, when the benadryl wore off, she blew up AGAIN. She started barrel rolling and scratching frantically, her ears started to swell and they were very hot...I jumped up from bed and gave her another half a benadryl tab and hung out with her while it absorbed and started to work.

Fifteen minutes or so after I gave it to her, she threw up. Knowing it had to be done, I dug the half digested pill out of it and put it on a piece of dog food. She ate it right back down. Ugh, I've done more super gross things since I own dogs. But again, after about thirty minutes, the swelling wasn't getting worse and she was able to sleep. I stayed up monitoring her breathing until about 4am, then finally called it a night. Sheesh, man.

The next morning I jumped up early to knock out some projects.

Did a little more weeding in the garden while the dogs got real comfortable in the sunny yard.

I put the pups inside and gasolined a yellow jacket nest I had in the yard. I really was hoping I could just leave it alone, but based on Dotties near anaphlactic shock reaction, I'm not gonna chance it again. Yellow Jackets suck anyway, they're not pollinators, they're predatory wasps. So I don't feel that bad.
Sunday was pretty chill. Fathers Day, nbd. I worked in the garden a little, weeding, then started cleaning house. Andrew had a slow leak in his truck tire and we'd noticed a screw buried in one of the tires of the Travco. We called around til we found a shop open on Sundays, then pulled the Travco wheel. Drove it over to the shop and left em both to get plugged/patched.

Took the dogs to Andrews parents house with the intention of continuing the adventure to a close by river afterward for swimming. I ordered a dog life jacket for the Bostons (wasn't sure how sizing would work but it fits em both) and wanted to check it out. The auto shop was closing and we were still out in the west end. Rushed back to the northside to the shop so we could get the truck, then because we were practically back in the city, stopped by the kayak landing at 14th. It was pretty gross, water wise, and there were a ton of raft teams taking out at the landing so it just was not pleasant. Took the dogs back home and porched for a little while. It was so pretty outside.

Monday I had a photoshoot appointment with my friend Ellen.

I drove the Travco into Church Hill to pick up a friend, then rolled down to the floodwall.

Spent a few hours walking all around the flood wall, train yard, under the manchester bridge, and down at the manchester climbing wall.

Can't wait to see edits.

I even found a geocache while we were down near the trains!

After the photoshoot I ran a few errands, bought a knife sharpener (how exciting!) Came home and tried to finish up some yardwork that was hangin from the week.
Andrew trimmed the Mulberry tree that was covering a lot of my garden area. He was cutting it down into smaller sections of stick/brush Sunday morning but snipped his finger and near took the tip off. Needless to say he took a breather from it to tape his finger back together. Barf.

I crammed as much into my wagon as I could (which actually ended up being most of it), then made two trips to the dump with it.
I should never be allowed to go to the dump alone, I always bring stuff (junk) back. I picked up a bunch of nice, precut sections of green bamboo while I was there this time. I figure I'll use em in the garden for a trellace or even a gate to keep the dogs out.

After the dump I took the Bostons to the park to play. As we were leaving, I heard a bunch of real weird noise over near the curb. Went closer to see what it was - turns out a HUGE cicadia killer wasp had caught a massive dragonfly and was in the process of killing/eating him.

The wasp was literally eating him while he was still alive.

Friggin brutal!

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