Wednesday, June 6, 2012

argh! i'm still sick! last night i had a crazy coughing fit that lasted for an hour, every breath lit up a tickle in my lungs that felt like i'd breathed in a bunch of heavy chlorinated pool water.

feeling a little better now but still have crazy lung going on. hoping that quits real soon.

this year has been a horrible garden year. i started seedlings and accidentally left them covered after they sprouted. they all wilted and died.
then i started a second round and the squirrels mauled them.
i planted seeds directly into tilled garden area, and slowly things sprouted...but the take off was super slow. again the birds and dogs moved things around a lot, squash sprouting in the middle of the tomato area, etc.
i bought plants online from a local guy, and the rabbits demoed all the squash literally overnight. all that was left were straw-like stalks of squash plants. they were making a strong recovery though, lots of new leaves and even some flowers when they (and the cucumbers in the cell next to them) met their ultimate fate via the lawnmower this weekend. dun dunn dunnnnnnnnn....


i spent a large portion of my sunday evening weeding and moving plants around to their correct plots. monday i got back in the garden to wax off a particularly stressful and frustrating day, and i knocked out a lot of work. i went off into the woods with a machete after a two hour waste of time at the dmv and cut down a bunch of cottonwood trees, brought em home and cut them down into a trellis for my beans. used the rest for tomato stakes (for now, til i get better ones).

sure enough, the rabbits revisited last night and ate up the baby squash i had growing...i could scream! its literally been one thing after another with these jerks. i guess i should be thankful that my beans and tomatos and carrots are coming along, and that maybe i'll get squash if i can keep the rabbits off it, and maybe i'll get cucumbers if some magic happens. AND i also have beets and chard and okra to be thankful for....its all still in very baby plant stage but at least ITS THERE. i think i'm gonna try to get the fence back up around the garden (it got taken down last week and the dogs smashed most of the tomato plants in a wrestling match, but i staked 'em all and they seem to be recovering) and hopefully that may help with the rabbit situation. hopefully, anyway.

i think i forgot to mention that i went to a really fabulous former coworker and lovely friend's birthday on saturday started off as a hotel motel partay
leslie had booked a really nice suite at a downtown hotel and filled it with treats for everyone. ON HER OWN BIRTHDAY. we all got together and primped hair and makeup, got our fancy outfit on, with intentions of going to dinner at some point.

there was so much food set out that everyone was snacking like crazy, leslie decided she didn't want to rush so she cancelled the dinner reservation. we rolled to the bar at a leisurely pace, i had the supreme honor of DD-ing the birthday girl and my excellent lady friend welsy around. i ate alligator for the first time with my friend charlene, who was threatening to barf on the bartender if he dared serve her bleu cheese dressing instead of ranch in which to dip this alligator. hilarious.
the alligator was good, definitely will revisit. my awful throaty sickness was making the night real rough, so i decided to split out. i had pretty much no voice left and it was getting loud in the bar, i had to yell and my voice was doing this old lady cigarette smoker thing, it was unattractive to say the least.

a fast group photo of nearby folks that i could grab (ah man, i forgot i took a group photo but thats on my camera, not phone) and i drove les, welsy, linda, and linda friend to 'off the hookah' for some serious booty shakin. the club was a real short walk away from the hotel, so they were set for then night. nothing like dropping the kids off, mom style, at a slammin club. it was hilarious.

what a fun night, excellent ladies (and gents) and hilarious times.

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