Friday, June 1, 2012

After that epic rearrangement of party plans and party people, I was ready for bed sunday night. Plus, Dottie was breaking out in hives super randomly and someone needed to be home with her. I guess she was getting into something in the backyard, though I don't know what. Outside for just a moment or two and her hives would come back with a vengance. I kept her on benadryl and monitored her breathing, her level of cray cray activity never faltered and the hives went away, so...

Monday was a chiller day for anyone left in town for the NACCCs. Alamo BBQ was catering the bike polo hangout at Abner clay park, at a leisurely hour Julie and I rode over there.

Got some food, and left for icecream. Hungout for a little while longer, watched folks play bike polo and give "cornhole" a shot.

It was really hot and humid, and I felt like even though I'd showered a lot, I hadn't ever actually cooled down. Pat was having a pool party, so I threw on a swimsuit and headed to the Lost Bowl.

There were a lot of folks there, even some folks that had been at NACCCs and chose the pool over standing in the sun at polo courts. Good call!

Heck, even Sancho made it out!
The water was super cold, and after jumping in and floating for a bit, I felt way better.

I posted up in a chair and silently enjoyed feeling way better. It was shady and cool and there were folks grilling nearby, dudes skating the coping INTO the pool, and lots of hilarious pool tricks, as always.

It was a great way to end the weekend. Finally cooled off, I headed homeward to try and catch food with Andrew. Stu and Julie were thinking the same, and we ended up all at our favorite little mexican spot, enjoying fresh quac and cold beverages, and recapping our favorite highlights from the weekend. Phew. And just like that, it was over.

The Times dispatch did a solid writeup in the paper, complete with some excellent photos.

The Redline Rep, Robby Bobby (who was a really solid dude btw) posted up a bunch of facebook pics too. I'm sure you have to be logged in to see em, but they're public. Here's a link to em

And someone finally started a Flickr pool for the Naccc2012 photos...So here's more too.

Now I can focus on the sewing commissions I need to knock out this weekend and I can enjoy my new Travco again!

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