Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spent the week working, trying to hydrate, sleep, and eat my way out of the NACCC SARS. Julie and I both picked up the same bug and started suffering on Monday night right after NACCCs, what a bummer to take the healthy livin' high road and still get sick! I think everyone else really did pickle themselves with booze that weekend, killing off any germs.

Ah, and back to dog life.

waking up with these bostons is always hilarious.

I mean seriously, so many funny faces.
My friend's dog's benefit auction and raffle was Friday night...I got there an hour late, which actually turned out to be about an hour earlier than everyone else.

there was so much awesome art stuff. some was super custom, based on or portriature of Miss Frankie.

others were donations of all forms...photo, other paintings, drawings, so much awesome stuff!!!
there was a raffle with gift certificates and other items.

i didn't get a picture of the painting i bought, but i may try to pick it up tonight. its awesome. three dogs, "high hopes", just my style.
mike and amanda were having a hard time pricing the sewn portrait of Frankie I made...they couldn't decide wether to auction it off or sell it for a set price, and amanda really wanted to keep it.
John Lytle, the beneficiary of the Ozzy Foundation, was there at Empire and ended up buying the portrait after he heard mike and amanda bantering about how to best sell it and why they couldn't keep it, then he gave it back to them. it was super sweet. he's a nice guy with a great foundation and gusto for helping other folks, i hope to be doing some sewing for his foundation in the future.

mike and amanda raised over 3600$ Friday night, and it is so awesome. they started her treatment about two weeks ago and were just going to keep on with the plan until they were out of money. after frday night, they can finish up the plan without a worry. so glad to hear, and so relieved to be a part of a friend group that is so giving and generous.

egon has been pretty funny lately, a couple times he's been standing on top of the bedside table by the door when i come home on lunch to let him out...an unexpected and odd high-point for him. i also have been seeing him peeking out the window bed space upstairs, always funny to see that little profile in the window.

Dotties hives pretty much quit after two days, thank goodness. we were outside in the yard most of the weekend...filled up the pool so those guys could get wild while i tried to regain control of the garden area. dottie was listing around, begging to be picked up and acting super needy. i went in and got her a little bed and she settled right down. she's such a funny little lady, i like dogs that seize the opportunity to do something special...i feel like she's just the exact kind of ridiculous to take advantage of fancy beds outside on a pallet...and sure enough!
I re-organized things in the garden yesterday. did a little transplanting and started a second round of rainbow chard and beets so i'll have a second flush started. need to do the same with the carrots.
i'd been keeping a watchful eye on my fennel, hoping to see some caterpillars or eggs. very specifically, black eastern swallowtail caterpillars or eggs. we have tons of those little white cabbage butterflies flitting around all the time, but its rare that we get a swallowtail through. last year i had a bunch of the caterpillars and i love them. they were some of my favorites to raise as a kid. sure enough, finally found a dude or two nibbling away, being stinky.
they're so awesome. if you touch them, these bright yellow/orange horns come out of their heads. they wont sting you, but they rub this horrible smell on you...like rotten licorice. it takes forever to wash off. so unpleasant, haha.
Egon had a vet appointment monday to check his blood levels of Bromide, the new drug we had to introduce to control his seizures. He's been having issues controlling his legs, which has only been scary on the steep stairs we have. He's clumsy and extra awkward lately, side effects with his body that should have gone away after two weeks.
he's so good at the vet, just gets real excited to see everyone and freaks out about getting to see a cat that isn't brown cat or zoey. then he crashes on the car ride home, sleeps the whole way back. 5 weeks no seizures, thats the longest we've been since December. stoked. fingers crossed that we continue on the up and up, the bromide has been seemingly working out for him.

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