Friday, May 4, 2012

what a busy couple of weeks. been working nonstop on etsy stuff after work. photoshoots with ellen the last two weekends, been hustling to produce prizes for NACCCs at the end of this month. funny story. i got a bunch of awesome modern fabric samples, very cool stuff that i got to hand pick, from a local design firm. these roughly 8x8 squares were killing me...what was i gonna make with em? IMG_4954 the fabrics were so sick, but they were such small samples that turning them into the panel of a hat would make cycling caps look like baseball hats, ew. well, after knocking out a couple things, i settled on small cell phone holsters. IMG_4945 first thirty are done, twenty to go. real stoked on em, seeing them all together is awesome...the fabrics are all so amazing. IMG_4959 they're cool, i love em. got hecka sick this last weekend, monday night i was LAID UP. like allergies on crack, worst sinus migranes. couldn't see well, the lights were all too bright so i hung out at home, sufferin, in the darkness for two days. bumped the ac, pulled all the curtains, and hid. couldn't sleep but didn't want to stay awake. i have a hard time actually sitting around on sick days, usually i feel like if i'm home then i should be doing something, sneaking in some chores, but honestly anything i tried ended up with me sweating to death, wobbling, and feeling worse. by the second day of home sick from work, i gave up on "productivity" and just tried to chill out. it worked, cause now two days later i'm way less miserable. i also watched a lot of arrested development, so good. anyway. last last weekend, ellen and rachel and sebastian came over and we photographed (ellen photographed) everything! fifty items in my etsy shop, all got snaps.
wanted new photos for the site, a lot of the ads were expiring and i wanted to relist them fresh with new images that showed the true size and nature of bags and hats.
it was hilarious, and fun.
rachel is real cozy in front of the camera, shes had plenty of practice for rumors.
plus, the dogs got to participate, which is always hilarious to me.
photos got more ridiculous as the day wore on. it was actually kind of hot outside, and everyone was super patient.
but the pics came out so great, i was 110% pumped.
ellen messaged me to reshoot hats the following weekend. i was hustling that week, i made thank-you gifts for the three of them for giving up a big chunk of time (especially ellen, who edited pics after she shot them all). ellen got a rad new bike bag that fits her camera well... Bag for Ellen! everyone picked out their favorite fabrics and i got creative lisence from there. her bag was pretty tight, doubles as a handlebar bag. Back view of attachments unfasten the belt and use the tubes to secure the clips to your bars. tight! sebastian got a cell phone pouch and rachel got a little belt bag from the shop that she really liked. she also commissioned a purse, which was fun to make. first times for everything! first purse i've ever made came out super cute, again rachels choice of fabrics. love it, it reminds me of a 70's couch. in a good way. anyway, there were a million photos to go through and i added them all to the listings and renewed them, bit by bit. the plan is to keep listing items daily, at least two a day, to keep my shop fresh in searches. then last weekend jack and sarah came with ellen as models, and julie came over to supervise but ended up getting tricked into photos as well. IMG_7398
we re-shot hats and a couple bags that got cut from the edits, then shot tool rolls. again the dogs got to take part in the pics, ellen even got a couple shots of them in their fancy jackets i made em so i can set up a couple custom listings for nice jackets.
Dottie in her jacket dottie lookin real awkward Idle in his coat
and idle, so handsome.
we got the bostons to chill in the bike basket that jack and sarah were posing with, ugh it got sooooo cute.
i mean, c'mon. srsly. how cute.
Dottie and Egon
anyway, again photos came out totally amazing, and i updated listings as they expired. i just updated a lot, fresh photos always make a difference. got the shop all squared away, love it. Oh! and the last "last friday" race was, well, last friday. it was street justice 2, and i had the pleasure of racing the first street justice. it was super fun the first go around, and this one was no less hilarious. Street justice 2: the firing squad at a checkpoint on the southside, everyone chose a team member to line up...that person was unknowlingly gonna get shot...would have to be carried as a wounded homie. the victims were blindfolded, the collective group seemed terrified as they heard their teammates getting a paintball gun. the race was so fun, as always a long list of bonus point items was provided, and i still have the construction barriers and cones in the back of my car to prove it. haha. sheesh things have been so busy. between etsy and work and then getting sick, i feel like i haven't had a chance to keep up with regular house chores. i need to knock out the rest of NACCC prizes so I don't feel stressed at all for the end of the month, i want to re-up on some of my branding goods (new cards, tags, etc) and i have a bunch of shit to finish up. good lord. the list is real long, i'm gonna keep plugging away at sewing etc and hope for the best.

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