Thursday, May 10, 2012

BUSY BUSY BUSY! working, dogs, sewing, etc. started a tumblr just for sewing projects and commissions. a couple posts up, trying to play catch up and post old things. tight!

um, busting my buns for naccc prizes, ran out of velcro and cotton trim and had to order more. just a few days holdup, actually nice cause i could recoup.

egon started on another medication for his seizures, since he's maxxxed out on phenobarbitol with little to no results. four cluster seizures on this tuesday between 530 and 7 am. nothing seems to be stopping em. hopefully the bromide will kick it, we can try to wean him off pheno and stick to bromide. hopeful. as always.  i'm tired, counting down the days til the weekend.

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