Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another crazy busy weekend. Saturday I came home, stopped at a yardsale in the neighborhood and picked up new vans and two great hoop chairs for $35 total. Tight! Hit up a local guy for heirloom plants, found him on craigslist selling all kinds of veggies for 75 cents to 1.50$, disabled guy that lives over near the cookie monster cafe.
this thing was parked at the cafe, i know that "no bed" situation all too well. got home, planted three different varieties of tomatos, two cucumbers, and three squash. the squirrels really shot me down this year, all my seedlings got demoed TWICE. admittedly I called it quits. 13$ bought me a whole garden full of stuff, all started outdoors, heirloom veggies by a local guy who grows plants for a living. word. filled up the baby pool for the dogs, they were going buckwild in the yard.
they appreciated the swim time. took em to the park a bit later, it was looking like rain but they appreciated the cloud cover.
picked up pizza for dinner at a local crappy place, was BLOWN AWAY when the pizza arrived. ordered spinach and bacon, and they used real deal fresh chopped spinach! rare, and awesome. its a weird place, you walk in, no employees in sight. a sign directs you to ring a big glass bell for service. some dude hollers at you from behind a wall of pizza boxes, and then a while later a lady appears. takes your order and cash, then disappears to leave you alone in the lobby with the other bell ringers. total silence, no music, just a bunch of dudes yelling farci in the back kitchen. okay.

realized that i had no branding on the stuff i was giving away for NACCC prizes, so i got crackin on handsewing some little tags while i brainstormed ideas for making tags faster, easier, better.

watched a million episodes of 30 rock while i internetted, sewed, and cuddled dogs. got real distracted with travco stuff, ended up only making about ten tags. but its okay, i came up with a much more time efficient way of tagging things.
leather working is loud (hammering stuff, lots of slamming) but its so much faster to pound five letters into leather than hand stitch 30+ stitches into vinyl. ran by the craft store and picked up a letter press set, got to work. fifty tags got knocked out real quick, stitched em right onto bags and viola, branding.
ran errands early sunday in the northside, came across this sweet monster.
half volkswagon beetle, half pickup truck? sweet rack and lights, and i LOVE the pencil. good work, all around, was definitely an eye catcher.
i'd hire the guy.

sunday i finished sewing tags on all the little naccc bags, picked up awesome stuff to go in the bags, and set out labelling things. i'd picked up the big bag of condoms we used to toss in moped rally packs, and they were all two months expired....er, i couldn't bear the guilt of knowing that i'd contribute to anybody getting nacc-ed up (har, har, har) so i hit up planned parenthood today and walked with 200 donation condoms, the labels seem hilarious.

something about proper attire being required for entry. oof. the best part of the day was walking through the sorta religious grocery store with a purse JAMMED full of rubbers. like so full that it wouldn't zip closed. clearly up to no good.

i dropped off goods for Frankies benefit on Friday after work...mike and amanda seemed stoked. guess she starts chemo today..they're up in northern va at the same oncolgist that my mom went to. good folks there. send em your posi vibes and come out on the 1st if you can.

lots of real solid artists contributing work, jim callahan (barf), mikael broth, matt brotka, so many more. i can't wait to go and possibly buy something, frankie has a great face and lots of those guys are illustrating her. speaking of jim callahan, HAVE YOU SEEN THE NACCC POSTER?!?!?! there can be only one....
its amazing. love the "barf comics" in the tire tread. its worth a click to see it big. as always, most excellent work. this weekend is going to be so much fun, i literally am having moosebumps about it. meeting tomorrow to go over planning and schedules one last time. finished building team shoebaru headrest covers yesterday, doing the last bit of detail stitching tonight. they're coming out not quite as shoe looking as i imagined, but they're still gonna be awesome looking on the cars. busy week, busy weekend, it never ends.

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Ben Hatton said...

that VW handyman guys quote office is on 2nd I believe, I saw him parked near the original nates all the time.