Friday, May 25, 2012

i can't stop looking out the window of my house and smiling. right now we have the best driveway, EVER. i'm sure the neighbors are starting to panic, though with Arizona tags still on the Travco, maybe they just think she's visiting.
we need to finish media blasting the exhaust manifolds for the Brave, then paint them with hi-temp like we'd planned, then reinstall with new gaskets. then back to the inspection station for a pass. trying to caravan for my birthday weekend, lets go ride mountainbikes in the shenandoah! swim in freezing cold lakes, sit outside by a campfire all night, and enjoy life.
the NACCCs finally and officially kicked off last night. i ran to gallery 5 to help julie with registration right after work, 60 or so folks arrived and picked up their packets for the weekend's races.
it rained on and off all day in a somehow refreshing way. definitely sticky humid outside, but the little bouts of sprinkles made it pretty nice.
the first race was a little here and back deal, called art attack, where racers went back and forth to different spots, picking up packets that contained pieces of art. they had to go to each checkpoint to get all the pieces, which were assembled at the finish to create large photographs from previous races and events cycling related, courier specific.
the sunset looked awesome, we're gearing up for a partly cloudy weekend in the 90s. should be a really fun weekend. i'll be at work today all day, then off to work a checkpoint for the first set of qualifiers tonight. stoked!!!

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