Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SO. I decided to take the wheels from the raven and mount em to the Safari. I love the black glossy spoked wheelset it currently had, but it had NO braking capability. So sketchy. Spent a good amount of time in the bathtub, scrubbing years of caked on grease and dirt.

16" offset five star Italian mag wheels

They actually came out pretty white! Mounted up, no problemo, recabled the brakes, and dialed em in. Stopping on a dime now! This morning was my first ride to work with actual brakes, it sure was nice.

Found a pretty awesome jumping spider lurking in my zinnias today. He was real cool looking, not afraid of my cellphone all up in his biz, he just posed for pics like it was his job.

Spider creepin

Its moped tuesday, stoked for dinner and a ride to the donught shop later. Other than that, its gonna be a chill week.

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