Friday, July 30, 2010

Moped Tuesday happened. Super fun with rad folks. My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard at the most retarded jokes in the world.

Moped Tuesdays

Rode from S'Matter to Krispy Kreme mostly through the alleys. It was hilarious and dusty and fun as hell.

Yesterday afternoon it stormed like crazy...biggest windiest one we've had in a while. Trees fell down all along Riverside Drive and closed it down. Roads through the fan were full of huge branches. The Safari ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT run on a wet road or in the rain, its been that way for 6 years. Just will not go, no matter what. I completely replaced all the wiring and put a new sparkplug boot on it. Still, if its on a wet road, it dies. Has spark, but will not start. Stupid stupid stupid. Considering the storm yesterday, I decided to go to the garage and tidy up for a little while before catching a ride home. I made it four blocks on the Safari before it cut off. Along the walk to the garage I saw this:

Lightning struck

Lightning!!!! DANG! Fell right across power lines, dragged em down and crashed on the roof of someones shed. Bummer for them.

Waiting til the weekend, the list of errands to run is stacking up. Rooftop trespassers two nights ago broke a bunch of my plants and my friends came through with tons of new cuttings. So stoked, new plants with good stories. So a lot of my time will be spent setting those new dudes up and finding new containers to put em in. Stoked.

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