Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last night Andrew and I became RV owners. That means recreational vehicle for you laymen out there.


our new home (the winnie, not the house)
winnebago brave

I am looking up all kinds of adventures and things to do, hyperexcited, to take the dogs and go. This is something I have wanted to do forever and a day, I'm so glad its actually happened!


Arianna Elizabeth said...

I love it, it's so clean! And pretty! I am full of envy.

emily said...

gosh, we looked at so many, and i'm so glad we did. things always work out like they are supposed to.
we put in offers on a couple, and were bummed to get turned down, or find out that mechanically they were a moneypit, because finding this one was perfect. the owner was detail oriented and just as stupid maticulous as we will be maintaining and cleaning everything. it is so perfect.