Thursday, July 22, 2010

poof! the weekend vanishes too fast every time. back to work.
i spent mine working/playing with the new rv. so awesome.
the garden is getting fried by the 90+ degree temperatures we're having. carrots and peppers love it, so do the sunflowers, but everything else is pretty cross.
i got very very excited the other morning when i went onto the roof to water and noticed that the sunflowers were full of honeybees. all the way up on our roof! how rad!

a little eBay joy filled my life last week that i forgot to mention. about 6-7 years ago i bought this exact set of glasses at Exile. Over the years, numerous house parties, potlucks, guests, and clumsy moments/roomates, the four became just one sad man left standing. what joy when i happened upon a set of the exact three i was missing on eBay! i've looked for them for years, and never see them listed, til now. total fate! anyway, they're back in action, all four friends united, and i'll be more careful with them.


yesterday my allergies went insane when i got to work and my brain exploded out of the front of my face. snot and headache and throwup, all in one, at work, how cool. went home and laid in a bed full of animals, the perfect allergy remedy. not really, but yes really.

Cold medicine

today things are returning to normal and i'm feeling less crazy as the day goes on. phew. looking forward to the arrival of this weekend, our new FLOR tiles arrived today for the RV, and i am so excited to put them in there and get rid of the horrible beige carpet.
sneak peek.

RV carpet sneak peek

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