Monday, December 27, 2010

Let's talk about treats. I made a ton of different things this weekend for presents. Oh Mai god, so many things.
So today, to ready myself for a chili get together tomorrow night, I made something especially delicious. Something that no human could deny, oh garsh the love of peanut butter, chocolate, and pretzel all together.

Get the chocolate of your choice. Today i used mik chocolate, but this weekend I also used white and dark.
Melt it. Remember that time I told you how to do it in the microwave? Well maybe now you've ruined a couple tries and you are a professional chocolatier. Fifteen seconds at a time is no joke, stir it everytime until it is the right consistency.
See, like this.

Not too thick, not too thin.
Lay out some wax paper on a cool countertop.
You need to make a little landing pad about the size of the pretzel you are going to use.

Put a pretzel on each spot! Press it down so the chocolate holds it in place.

If you want to be all pro about it and you have just buckets of time, let the chocolate cool so the pretzels really won't move around when you get to the next step. Now, about that next step.

Take your peanut butter and spread it across the top of the pretzel, squish it Into the holes. Oh gad this is just shaping up to be so dern good.

Take a big dollop of chocolate and put it on top. Spread it around so you totally cover the pretzel and peanut butter. You can tap it a little to make it disperse, or man if you had a little chemistry lab vibrating table you'd be really set.

Let the chocolate set for many hours. Serve these treats to your favorite friends, or secret them away just for yourself you greedy pig, you.
The more of these you make, the better you get and the more perfect and fancy they get. Oh try not to get peanut butter on the electrical outlet. It's really sort of scary to clean up.

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