Tuesday, December 14, 2010

bacon potato corn chowder

days off mean crockpot soup time.
this monday, to combat the unexpected snow, I made a batch of bacon, potato, corn chowder that is already almost gone. DAG!

go to the grocery store.

you will need about six or so medium sized potatos. since the skin is really where the nutrients are, i always get red or yellow potatos so i can leave the skin on.
chop those thangs up into small pieces. but not too small.

while you are chopping, maybe you want to make the bacon at the same time. maybe you like to tackle one thing at a time, but i like to do as many things as i can at the same time until my brain explodes.

you will need to taste test the bacon. if your quality control boyfriend is not home to do it, you will have to do it yourself. BUMMER. maybe you should get the dogs to try it too, make sure it is not poisoned.

after potatos are chopped, make sure you rinse em. get all that starch out. gah-ross.

chop up the bacon. chop up an onion. assemble the spices: some parsley, some pepper, three to four chicken boullion cubes, half a stick of butter.

put it all in the crockpot.

put the lid on. put it on high. cook it until the potatos are soft. this means you have a few hours to do as many other things as humanly possible.

maybe now is the time to go through all the boxes you got out of your moms attic, they are filled with treasures and relics of your adolsecence. things like horrible clothes, toys, notes from middle school friends, bizarre jewelery, rainbow yamacas, earthworm jim action figures, he-man stamps, broken speakers, bouncy balls that have been destroyed by time and summer attic heat, and unicorn wallets.

maybe there are some awesome cassette tapes in there too. ones you loved in highschool so much that you put em in a box and forgot about em forever.

maybe now could be the time to give all the dogs a bath? who knows?! do you even have dogs?
two bostons in the tub

if you do have dogs, be sure to torture them as much as possible when you bathe them, they secretly love it.
sad bath Egon

guess what? its been three hours! your potatos are soft! dump in a can of evaporated milk and a package of frozen corn, stir it up. put the crockpot on low and go mop the floor three times. you have an hour to do lots of things.

the hour is up. your boyfriend is home and hooooo-weeeee-boy is he hungry. time for dinner!

good job.


Ben Hatton said...

been waiting for this recipe. good blog good blog

emily said...

it looks pretty unappealing end result, but its so good. first time i made it i used a whole stick of butter. egad. i may even use less next time too. but bacon is key.

Arianna Elizabeth said...

Looks so yummy. I think maybe I will make that tomorrow, and also give my dog a bath. She needs one.