Thursday, February 19, 2009

busy busy busy.

been spending tons of time with this guy.

in spare time making homemade valentine invitations for a soiree at plaza bowl. happenened last saturday.

april came and bowled despite sore back. photos were taken in front of a backdrop. there was shittalking, visorwearing, and treat eating.

jessie made us cookies.

brad d dj-ed, there was a big dancefloor lit by blacklights. good stuff.

there was a polo benefit roller race before all that, which was fun also.

lots of friends came out.

been fighting the good fight, getting rid of vermin.

my insides are falling apart. went under for first time ever, had fun. tube in my throat. ulcers are a bumout. stomach hurts when i don't eat, then hurts when i do eat. buuuummertown.

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