Thursday, February 5, 2009

Been really busy with lots of this little dude lately. been planning murals for a vehicle-to-be also. also planning a valentines day bowl-a-rama/dance-a-rama has been swamping time off, especially all the craft/invite making. this weekends already slammed. getting sick last week knocked the wind outta me and its been really hard to catch up, $$$-wise and health wise. still not up to par. mondays a full day, dentist then doctor. gotta set up an appointment to swallow a camera and see what my stomach looks like on the inside. fun fun.
work is slow, i'm a useless turd when its slow. its like how you make mistakes most at the resturant when you're slowest. dumb.
i'm just tired and its making me lose it. frustrated with a lot of things that i usually take in stride and swallow.

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