Thursday, January 23, 2014

woah! i just took a year off of updating this thing. i think i'll make this post just so ya know that things are cool.
last note seemed sad and bleak, and things aren't that bad lately. seizures haven't stopped, but they're not escalating. every two weeks he has a little blip into epilepsy land, then we're back to normal. could be worse, so i just keep it front and center that its important to maximize and enjoy time with the dogs. he's sort of becoming a real big baby, very emotional (he complains a lot, grumbling and making some pretty weird noises) and ALWAYS is down to wear some dog clothes. he still doesn't really have a lot of hair (it all fell out when his immune system imploded) and i think he just loves the warmth of dog snuggies and stuff. i'm in the process of buying him some pajamas so he can chill at night in 20 degree weather without looking so pathetic. but here he is, on his birthday!

the lil homie made it to 5 years old in november!

i made him a tuxedo lined with red satin for the occasion, and then we had a fiesta. he got to wear a poncho and stare at all the food while friends snacked and hung out.

he actually passed out at the table after a while, snoring real loud. lots of 'aye carumba' jokes were made and folks piled their empty cans around him. obvs wasted, durrr.

been working on some new tricks, like balancing things on his head. its working out, somehow.

basically he just lives a total life of leisure, where he's doted on and hugged pretty much all the time. its probably pretty great!

he's always happy to help in the craft stuff i do, he's all over my etsy page and website still. he happily modelled the headdress i made for c. lantz's bachelorette event.

we've actually been able to have a dog friend, rachel adopted a ridiculous little chihuhua/dachshund mix named juanita and she visits pretty much every single weekend. the BTs usually gang up on other dogs, but i think they must've picked up on juanitas past rough life and she's basically a part of our lil household. its awesome. keepin on keepin on in 2014, happy dogwalks ahead.

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