Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Been super busy lately, too busy to keep updated internet stuff. I have to keep stuff updated all day for the salon (tumblr, facebook, pinterest, twitter ugh) so I just find it hard to do anything else on the computer most days.

Best bet if you want to keep up with the stuff I'm into is to follow me on tumblr or find me on instagram.

Bought a web domain,

brave bags dot com and I've been trying to keep things current there, but again at the end of the day, I'm real over the internet. Happy to interact in some real life instances.

Been busy working at the salon during the week (40 plus hours), then coming home and working all weekend (or in the evenings if I have to) on sewing projects.

So much in the works. Stack of sewing projects every weekend, salon projects to be tackled after hours, and planning/organizing an Etsy Craft Party here in RVA. Making a bunch of crafts for people to do while they hangout, revolving around a hometown love theme. Recruiting folks to come from tumblr, etsy itself, and facebook, noone i know will sign up for anything in advance so its been pulling teeth to make the 25 person minimum of registrants for free supplies. I got it though, no worries. Went through every single etsy shop in Richmond and sent messages to the shop owners, extending an invite. Word.

Brain kind of wants to eggsplode with this many things going on, but I'm just gonna keep pressing forward.

Had to take Egon to the dog neurologist, he's having a hard time. Tryin to keep my chin up about all that but its just been such a sad time. Trying to maintain PMA but man. Sometimes its real hard. Just gonna keep on keeping on.

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