Thursday, January 7, 2010

this has me LOLOLOLLLing about the midwest. HA.

i have learned some really valuable things the past few mountain bike rides, in temps around 26 degrees.

1-wearing chapstick is crucial, because my face would be so completely miserable without the little bit of relief on my lips that it would totally fall off.

2-MTB'n in the winter is SO clean when its below freezing, because all the mud/puddles you might encounter are frozen solid. so convenient.

3-creek crossings are about 1000000x scarier because the thought of getting wet is a HUGE bumout.

4-i love legwarmers, but only ones that don't fall down while you're riding

5-ice sounds amazing when you ride over it

6-i am a total weenie when it comes to large sections of sloping rocks(especially in the cold and with ice on them), i don't know if this will ever change, but i'm optimistic...

thats it. stoked to ride again maybe sunday. monday i'm packing a lunch and i'm gonna tackle the sections that i keep wussing out on. call 911 and warn em...

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