Monday, March 30, 2009

hmmm...busy weekend again. work week flew by. saturday night just stayed in...kept low key. woke up early sunday and monday, made it feel like a real weekend with the longer daylight hours.
took egon and idle to the chimbo dog park twice. wore em out totally, thank god. did some rearranging in pocket's room, basically hung the pictures that weren't going to go well in the rest of the house. hung a small wallspace full of polaroids. made a space with hooks for bags, reorganized things and cleaned a bit as i went along. i pretty much stayed home and worked on making the apartment feel more like home, and thats a really relaxing thing for me.
found a new chair to work on...another cool mid-century reupholstry project. ahem, see above photos. i'm all over the interwebz searching out the closest i can find to the original vinyl its already covered in. the back of it is covered in woodgrain vinyl. amazing. gross, but amazing. i'm going to seriously do everything i can to preserve that piece as original and keep it as the back of the chair...its ridiculous. projects like that keep me going. keep me excited.

found some new moss patches close to home...started up a few new terrariums. pretty stoked. i know they take a long time to establish so i'm starting as many as possible, as soon as possible.

next weekends busy with slaughterama. then easter and another endoscopy the following weekend. then a big dental appoinntment the following monday. i hate it when plans stack up sometimes. makes me feel like i get no time to chill.

caught dinner with mom and tom, apparently theres a ton of my boxes from when i was still living at home in the attic between the two houses. i'm about to get my huge ceramic bunny collection back!!!! when i was a little kid i collected the crap out of rabbits. loved em so hard. i'm excited to unpack them all...its ridiculous to think about seeing it again, boxed it up when i was 13 and never looked back. i'm going to build a curio cabinet or shelves for them and display them all, don't hate. trying to explain to my mom that i'd moved on from rabbits and had a ceramic kitty cat and horse collection was real embarassing. mostly because i was trying to explain how cool it was. guess you'd have to see it to get my drift...she must think i'm crazy.

oh well. this weeks supposed to be relatively rain free (cept for wednesday) so i'm hoping to make it to polo, etc. be out more since it won't be so dreary. can't wait to start the chair, can't wait for next weekend, can't wait to be more productive. good things, looking ahead.

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