Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sometimes I think about the people I hang out with regularly and the
amazing people I've met over the last five or so years, and I feel
like I've gotten to such a great place in my life. Every single person
is motivating and steadfast. I feel like I can talk to any one single
person I've befriended when I'm losing my mind without any
embarassment or self consciousness at all. Maybe it's partly my
mindset, I've got nothing to hide, but I think it has a lot to do also
with the fact that I know such incredible people.
Sometimes it hits hard and I'm so thankful, and so glad, to be what
I've become and to know whom I know.
I appreciate so much.

David came to Richmond for work for a weekend and didn't even hesitate
to say yes when I asked him to to our Christmas photos, regardless of
his super limited time. He's an incredible photographer, and his work
isn't going unnoticed. He took hilarious photos that I will love

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