Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hopefully found a blogger app for the new phone that'll work right.

Long day. Last Sunday I called Tarrants to see when I was scheduled back on for a pizza shift, the manager told me friday and Saturday 5pm to close. No biggie, a total whatever. Except I left Look early today to work my Tarrants shift and realized I wasn't even on the schedule until Saturday and Sunday. A total eff up. It ended up working out, they had no delivery person and I was there, prepared to work. The pizza dude Andrew said it was the busiest delivery night they'd ever had. Thank god, cause i'da been so bummed. It needs to be be same way tomorrow.

It's late And I have to wake up at 630am. Not feelin that, I'm having a hard time feeling sleepy.

Tacos last night were awesome, I love having good friends over for rad cheap dinners. I'm stoked on everyone that was over, it was a tight night. Good folks, great times.

Time to go fake asleep. I need to lay down.

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