Wednesday, July 16, 2008

worked a training shift at new job today. pretty cool. also very busy, which kind of rules. i'm more excited now than i was.

in kind of bummer news:

i applied for a job as a part time baker for a small busines (shauna's baked goods) that specialized in italian pastries and gluten free desserts.
the phone interview was pretty awesome seeming, the woman said that she needed someone to bake in their home, ellwood thompsons and local coffee shops had blown up her gluten free cookie business.
we were setting up an 'in person' interview, when i disclosed that i didn't have a car, that i commuted by bicycle.
i don't think it was possible for the woman to get off the phone fast enough with me...shut down so hard. i explained that i'd been commuting by bike for almost 3 years, that i hadn't missed a day of work or been late because of it, but she still found it unacceptable. its whatevs, but you'd think someone catering to the natural foods business would promote that kind of thing.

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